„Why? Because it’s rare!“ – Pokémon Go player causes 30km traffic jam on German Highway

Image from the traffic.jam. Foto: Pixabay
Image of the traffic jam. Foto: Pixabay

Schaumburg – When will this hype end? Pokémon Go causes odd incidents, some of them more than a little perilous.

Living for Pokémon

“I don’t understand all this fuss – after all, it was a rare Ratata!”, Corni P. (37), teacher, explains to us while being led away in handcuffs. “The thing was hanging out between the lanes. At first, I was unsure if it’s really worth it, but the next Ratata was more than a kilometre away and I was only wearing sandals.” The Police officers were only shaking their heads. This little trip could get expensive for Corni P. So what exactly happened? The middle school teacher from the German town Bad Eilsen used his free periods to play some Pokémon GO. “I was totes in the zone and just rushing back and forth, catching one Pokémon after the other. The kids at school talk about it nonstop and I just wanted to be part of this trend thing.” With teary eyes he adds: “I hope I’ll get out again soon. I gotta teach an Ethics class to those little gansters in my school in 20 minutes.”

Ten Ultra Balls for one Ratata

To be “part of this trend thing” Corni P. not only put his own life at risk, but also those of many car drivers on the busy A2 Autobahn in the state of Lower Saxony. Without any prior warning he ran onto the highway because the Pokémon-App showed a Ratata in the median. As by a miracle, no people were hurt and only minor car damage occurred. However, many drivers were forced to slam on the brakes, resulting in chaos and an enormous traffic jam. In the middle: Corni P., desperately trying to catch his Ratata. “I had to use like ten Ultra Balls or so to catch it. I missed all the time.” Hänselblatt asked whether or not he at least managed to catch his Ratata. “Nope. But that’s not so bad. I already have five in my collection anyway.”

The story of Corni P. proves that Pokémon Go is the most dangerous trend of this summer. German politicians have started to debate whether or not Pokémon GO should be blocked in the country.


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